We work with the future in mind and develop optimized strategies, because we want to evolve harmoniously in the context of a speed-, digital- and mobility-based era. We believe in sustainability and love nature, so we carefully choose the materials and processes we apply. Our vision of architecture reflects the need for ergonomics, identity and a mix of urban and contemporary.

What does the development of an architecture project mean to you?

  • Moodboard: Presentation of a proposal plan to determine the design style;
  • 3D presentations: Determining the ambient chromatic composition and illustrating each room in representative three-dimensional images;
  • Designing: Plans concerning location of furniture; counseling in choosing the optimal solution; flow and ergonomics study;
  • Execution details: Electrical equipment and sanitary ware positioning plans; design of furniture and decorative elements;
  • Material selection: Choice of furniture and decorative elements, their finishes based on catalogs and samples from partners suppliers: wallpaper, tables, chairs, sofas, furniture, carpets, curtains, lighting fixtures, ceramic tiles, mosaics, parquet, carpet, PVC, sanitary ware, terrace or office furniture, hotel, restaurant, SPA, café, hairdresser, shops;
  • Estimate: Summary of all elements that make up the solution, global estimate;
  • Follow-up: Implementation of the proposed solutions, organization of the yard, providing information to the lucrative teams;
  • We offer a wide range of products offered by our local partners or imported directly from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark.


Frank Lloyd Wright

The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.