Sometimes it takes a little bit much for something beautiful to become really special. Art is one of the most beautiful gifts we can enjoy, because it is an experience that can reconnect your mind, body and senses.

In our profession, this translates into mural painting, the element that awakens life and gives a special air to any space. Claudiu Gologan is the artist at Illustra, the interior designer who bring the walls to life, because of his passion, painting. He has over 13 years experience in the field and the projects he has coordinated range from commercial spaces, apartments, homes, retail locations (cafes, restaurants, shops), SPAs, offices to mural painting in churches. He paints paintings, walls and furnishings with the same skill and passion, as only an artist can do.

Nicolae Tonitza

For an artist, before producing, contemplates; contemplates for a long time, contemplates with humility the nature that surrounds him; the life that shakes around and from which he is part with all his soul and his whole body.