Project Description

Central District Apartment is an Illustration design project designed for an apartment located in the heart of Bucharest, in a premium residential complex. For the whole home decoration we have built on an eclectic style with luxurious accents.

Chromaticity provides fluidity to this ample space, and areas with different destinations coexist harmoniously.

To make the atmosphere more familiar, certain areas have been artificially treated.

The accent wall of the master bedroom has gained remarkable aesthetic valences thanks to its pleasant finish.

The natural illuminator that connects to the terrace of the apartment through a staircase of a forged iron structure with laced ornaments is the central arrangement communicating in a refined way with the rest of the spaces.

Cassette and glazed walls are a surprising presence in this context, with several roles: the insulation (sound and thermal) and the subtle delimitation of the passage to the day.