Project Description

Mantasaly Resort is the place where natural elements and craftsmanship are harmoniously combined, creating a 4-star holiday resort.

The proposed project came to life with the active involvement of both Illustra and the owners of the resort, who wanted to create a welcoming space with a unique concept and the result to provide future customers with an unforgettable experience.

Our team has worked with great passion on this project with the other specialists, every detail has highlighted every space, we have paid special attention to the unique natural landscape, realizing a true story around the main point of interest, nature.

Delicate colors and lightweight architectural forms create stunning contrast with the turquoise blue ozonated pool, to immortalize the moment we created a relaxing space around the pool. As far as accommodation is concerned, we reinterpreted the concept of bungalow accommodation, resulting in a combination of useful, spacious and modern on the one hand, rustic, traditional and intimate.