Illustra provides its customers with a full range of architecture, interior design and personalized painting services.

In addition, Illustra offers its customers the ability to order personalized decoration and furniture according to the preferences and needs of each beneficiary.


We work with the future in mind and develop optimized strategies, because we want to evolve harmoniously in the context of a speed-, digital- and mobility-based era. We believe in sustainability and love nature, so we carefully choose the materials and processes we apply. Our vision of architecture reflects the need for ergonomics, identity and a mix of urban and contemporary.



Interior design is an art. A living and powerful element is essential to the way you feel everyday, it is a real source of inspiration, emotions and a mix of elements designed to bring you balance and comfort. We play with textures, colors, volumes and aesthetic elements for the spaces we put our fingerprint to bear the mark of our creative design solutions.



Sometimes it takes a little bit much for something beautiful to become really special. Art is one of the most beautiful gifts we can enjoy, because it is an experience that can reconnect your mind, body and senses.



Decorating a space becomes much easier when you find all the elements in one place. Whether it is an apartment, an office, a hotel or a commercial space, the elements of decoration are the quintessence of the location, those that shape the personality and inject life into the new place. Our customers can enjoy a discount and prices directly from the vendor – no additional taxes and commercial add-ons.